Villento Casino Review

Villento casino was and still is within top five of my biggest successful Microgaming powered casino gambling! Actually 4 of my 5 top Microgaming casinos, including Villento, are members of Casino Rewards Group Body of the extremely secure internet gambling company in the world! In fact it is great that promote every one of them – gambling community needs real quality and secure environment! And Villento, based on my opinion can present you with everything, more! I managed to get quite an excellent welcome bonuses there.

The scheme was match bonuses for that first five deposits i used every one of them. Actually my idea would have been to get the maximum of the bonus amounts and instead of try wager enough without losing most of it! I really took website – 100 match, worth 150$ and started my work:). Well the issue was the best way to achieve that- start by making more spins but on low bets, or start by making not so many spins but on higher levels like 2.00 or 3.00 bet per spin! Unfortunately even today – after a lot more than an year and a half, I still cannot give you the correct answer! Sometimes works the first strategy, sometimes the 2nd, but also in a lot of the cases do not require provides result and that you win can be a tired, from pressing a button buttons, fingers!

Though it didn’t helped me I used to be definately not the despair and continued to deposit and use the welcome offers however time not reaching the max amounts! Some tips i changed was the main objective of my game-play! It was not devoted on clearing the wagering requirements but on utilizing my favourite slots using the best strategies and just dreaming about the smile in the luck! And it worked!

My Avalon strategy, having a enhancing the bet with one after each free spins feature gave wonderful results and I find a way to raise the balance almost to 900$ for several days. I didn’t rush to withdraw, because I is acquainted with the safe conditions only at the Casino Rewards but by the end the most popular sense prevailed over my greed (the very few cases!:)) and I submit 1000$ withdraw – everything right down to the last cent! After 72 hrs the bucks arrived at my Moneybookers account!

Villento Casino is a time high Microgaming casino that helped me a bundle! Villento is associated with Rich Reels Casino that later became portion of Casino Rewards! I became pretty disappointed simply because they merged it to Casino Rewards which i think the more severe in the event it came to wins and payouts! I simply hated the concept! Ever since i had consider your experience with Villento I am going to try to remember a few things i did in the past. I realize for sure there were no bonuses provided to me but I do remember playing on Summer Holiday with a $200 deposit!! Since i loved Microgaming and many types of it represents I proceeded to fire away $2 or 200 coins per bet. Summer Holiday posesses a huge 100 Paylines to provide greater outcomes on wins however game and wins within Free Spins i will show you inside a bit. Here is the ideal video slot that would make me escape into a realm of fun filled summers, long vacations, and so on. It even features a small tune in the background to create the illusion.

Now after i said hello “delivers greater outcomes” a few things i meantto think are you’ll find Summer Holiday Wild Stacks scattered on all 5 Reels that when they are combines along with other symbols generates a fantastic to high amount of wins. The bigger the bet the greater the wins. To get a $2 bet per spin considering that the maximum $10 or 1000 coins was too much to absorb I persisted for making bets for any series of 40 spins ($80 valuation on spins). Instead of the traditional 3 spots each inside the 5 Reels Summer Holiday is extended to 4 spots on each Reel.